Here at Petra we share the growing concern for our nation’s health and safety during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted, and to everyone who will be impacted, here at home as well as abroad.

We believe it’s important to recognize all of the healthcare providers and facilities across the country who are on the front lines treating and managing this virus, as well as the healthcare leaders locally and nationally who are working diligently on our coronavirus response. We appreciate their tenacity, their dedication, and their steadfast resolve as they tirelessly serve their patients and our communities in this time of great need, sometimes even at risk to themselves.

To all of the nurses, doctors, and lab techs, to all of the environmental services, biomed, and dining services staff, and to everyone directly and indirectly responsible for patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, doctor’s offices, and more: We salute you. We thank you. Our gratitude is immeasurable.

Here at Petra, we remain committed to supporting our hospital clients, working closely to consult and coordinate with them as they respond to this rapidly changing pandemic. Our job is to help our clients do their job — provide the best possible care to the patients we ultimately all serve. In fact, many on our Petra team are working side-by-side on site with our clients to do just that.

Protecting our national public health is the top priority for us all. For us here at Petra, it is both our honor and privilege to serve.

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