Over the past 20 years, Petra has delivered a wide array of creative solutions to visionary healthcare owners. Our concept of a trusted advisor drives a flexible service line designed to identify and fill gaps where we can add the most value. Our services include:

Strategic Planning

Petra’s management of system-wide capital and facilities has also enabled us to collaborate with healthcare leaders and owners to make decisions that lead to a more defined, informed future. Our Strategic Planning capability is an integrated process that combines strategic forecasting, financial analysis and facility planning into a more holistic approach in order to assess all aspects simultaneously.

Facility Master Planning

Petra’s front-end Facility Planning has evolved from the traditional linear sequential approach into a more robust parallel processing method. Our Integrated Planning Platform combines our core competencies of facility planning and capital cost estimating and forecasting with clinical strategy, financial analysis, operations assessment, and consumer/cultural ethnographic research to drive more cost-effective design planning and project phasing.

Integrated Planning Platform Graphic

Capital Planning & Scope Management

Petra has extensive experience managing the system-wide capital spend for clients that covers multiple hospitals and spans several states. Our unique method of capital management empowers healthcare owners with greater visibility, predictability, understanding and control of project scope and spending on projects at an enterprise-wide level.

Project Management

From our origins as a centralized in-house design and construction department within a health system, project management has been a focal point of expertise for Petra. Through carefully streamlining processes, managing scope, building solid teams and evaluating projects from a post-occupancy perspective, we continue to deliver healthcare projects on time and at a modest average of approximately 3% under budget.

Project Management is a service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. Our creative approach to project management provides the following advantages:

  1. Alternative design solutions based on accurate costs
  2. Maintainable budgets and schedules early in design
  3. Competitive bidding by reputable construction entities.

Depending on your needs, Petra team members may be on site full time or occasionally as needed. Functioning as the executive point of contact for construction on campus, the on-site directors also benefit from immediate access to the expertise of the central Petra business units.

Construction site

Specialty Support Services

Petra’s diverse talents and skillsets, as well as our integrated approach, help identify potential roadblocks and create better solutions for increased control and predictability of project outcomes. Our Specialty Support Services are outlined below.