Congratulations to our winners and honorees recognized at the Innovation Institute’s 6th Annual Values Recognition & Service Awards that were recently held on February 20, 2019. This campaign is an annual is a celebration of our core values and the people in our company who exemplify them.


Nominated by members of the team and selected from over 80 nominees by the Innovation Institute’s Values Recognition Committee, Daniel truly embodies our organization’s value of excellence.

Daniel has been a great example of professional growth and integration into the “Petra Way” over his last two years with Petra. Team members see him as an intelligent, knowledgeable and perceptive construction manager who is adept at Petra’s management resource. His clients continue to be very impressed siting him as “pleasant,” “wonderful,” “professional,” “great to work with,” and “engaging and timely.”

Daniel is a model for working with hospital safety offices. His daily administration of construction safety protocols has been consistent; he rounds the construction sites weekly with the hospital’s safety managers. His dedication has specifically contributed to “no findings” during a recent Joint Commission survey related to construction safety protocols.

He fiscal management of projects is exceptional. He has worked with his site director in the development of key financial reports for clients and has contributed to documenting new protocols for the management team, including such items as the new Scope Change Request form to control the usual “scope creep” pressures in a project.  Daniel’s diligence, collaborative nature, friendliness, resourcefulness, and management skills are a true representation of excellence, on behalf of Petra, to the hospital, to the public, and to his colleagues.


Sam Lecharoen, 30 years of service

Sam serves as the Director of Engineering and Energy for Petra. In 1999, he began his work with the St. Joseph Health System Construction division, taking charge of physical plant operations which involves keeping HVAC running smoothly enough to ensure all regulations are adhered to and hospital patients and staff are safe and comfortable.

His studies in building energy management systems have made him an expert troubleshooter of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Sam developed, implemented and now continues to maintain the Preventive Maintenance Program for the St. Joseph Health System. He also implemented and managed the Electric and Natural Gas Procurement Program for the health system. Sam takes pride in accomplishing the first cooperation Direct Access Electric contract in California history during the state’s implementation of Electric Deregulation. During union strikes in Northern CA, Sam has been known to run the plants for the hospitals to help them get through the strike.

He has been a crucial member of the Petra team, always ensuring cost savings that result from diligent management of the energy portfolio.

Robert Salas, 25 years of service

Robert (Robbie), studied architecture at Fullerton Community College. His first position as a CAD drafter was for Simplex Fire Alarm. While at Simplex he made his first connections with St. Joseph Hospital and their construction team while reviewing the patient fire alarm systems. Robbie made an impression with his quality work and was recruited in 1993 to a newly created CAD drafting position with St. Joseph Hospital construction team and in 1999 Robbie joined the Petra team.

Robbie’s ability to turn concepts into incredible 3-dimensional, computer generated rendering designs is a self-taught skill. He is motivated by the opportunity to create for his clients a 3D rendering that helps them visualize what the finished project will look like before the construction ever begins.

Robbie prides himself on being able to meet with clients to gather their thoughts and ideas and then turn them into renderings to present back to them to help visualize what the finished product will look like. He says he absolutely loves the process of turning layouts and plans into 3D rendering and concept drawings, which turn into actual tangible buildings and spaces that patients and staff can use daily. This is part of why Robbie is respected by all who know him personally and professionally.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

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